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This Mom Of Two Is A Boston Bombing Survivor And A Double Amputee, And She’s About To Run Again! You Go, Girl!

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Celeste Corcoran was one of the many innocent bystanders cheering on runners as they crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Celeste, her daughter Sydney, and her husband Kevin were watching the race when the first bomb made from a pressure cooker exploded. The entire bombing and attack ended with three fatalities and an estimated 264 injuries. Celeste and Sydney were two of them.


Source: The Boston Globe/John Tlumacki

Sydney and her mother share a hug before Sydney is discharged from the hospital. According to The Boston Globe, “Celeste lost both legs in the first bombing. Sydney’s femoral artery was severed from a piece of pressure-cooker shrapnel, and she nearly died from blood loss. Celeste, her husband, Kevin, and Sydney were standing on the sidewalk of Boylston Street near the finish line to root for Celeste’s sister, Carmen, who was running the Marathon.”


Source: The Boston Globe/John Tlumacki

Celeste does leg lifts as part of her rehabilitative therapy.


Source: The Boston Globe/John Tlumacki

Sydney helps her mother put on her new protheses at Spaulding Rehab.


Source: The Boston Globe/John Tlumacki

Celeste tries walking with the help of a physical therapist as Sydney watches on.

Here’s where it gets really good:


Source: The Boston Globe/John Tlumacki

Celeste gets used to her new life and protheses, and heads out to buy a car for one of her kids. She’s becoming comfortable enough to do the unthinkable…

Check out the video starting at 0:43. Chills.

Celeste runs like the wind!


CREDITS: This story of courage and triumph was first reported by The Boston Globe. Video courtesy of Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando, FL.


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