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The Reason More People Are Getting Their Prescriptions From Canada

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Did you know that almost 70% of Americans use prescription drugs? This is a staggering amount of people who are in need of medication.

To get the medication that can save their lives, it’s becoming more and more common for people outside of Canada to receive Canadian prescription drugs.

Do you want to know why this is the case? Keep reading to learn all about why more people are getting their prescriptions from Canada.

It’s a Lot Less Expensive

Did you know that the average American pays $1,200 every year for their prescription drugs? This is more than any other country and is the symptom of a major systemic problem. Experts believe this financial issue is only going to get worse.

This is the main reason why Americans are looking for an alternative. Simply put, Canada offers cheaper prescriptions while matching the quality of drugs in the United States.

Prescription medication from Canada is a lot more affordable because the Canadian government negotiates the prices with drug companies. This prevents the kind of price-gouging and monopolizing that consistently happens in America.

It Helps the Uninsured

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are over 30 million Americans who don’t have health insurance. This is another huge issue in the U.S. that makes it difficult to get life-saving prescription drugs.

When someone doesn’t have the health coverage they need, then prescription drugs will cost even more than they usually do. Of course, this is assuming the uninsured American has enough money to see a doctor and get a prescription in the first place.

You’ll be glad to know that this problem doesn’t exist in Canada. Plus, Americans can save even more money on their prescription because the purchasing power is a lot stronger than in Canada. Therefore, when you exchange your American dollars for Canadian currency, you’ll have more to spend on prescription drugs.

It’s Convenient

When it comes to buying prescription drugs from Canada, it’s a lot easier than you probably think. No, you don’t have to get in a car and drive north for 72 or more hours.

If you want medications from PricePro Pharmacy, for instance, you can do all of your shopping online. Once you’ve placed your order, it’ll be delivered to your front door.

However, you might be surprised to know many Americans travel to Canada just for prescription drugs. Prescription drugs in America are so expensive that traveling to Canada and back is still cheaper. This is similar to the phenomenon of Americans going to Europe for surgeries that are just as effective yet vastly cheaper.

Ready to Get Prescriptions From Canada?

Now that you’ve learned all about why more people are getting their prescriptions from Canada, you can do the same and make sure you have the medication you need. No one should have to go without the prescriptions that keep them healthy.

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