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Springtime Fun Guide: 5 Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Spring has sprung, and it’s time for some fun! As the last remnants of frost and ice melt away for the season and the temperatures rise, many children are excited about new blooms and adventures. In celebration of the changing seasons, here’s a springtime fun guide to five outdoor activities for kids to try with parents.

Have a Bubble Party

Who can say no to bubbles? This activity is a hit with little ones of all age groups, and creating the bubble solution only requires three simple ingredients: water, dish soap, and glycerin. After you create your bubbles, the party begins!

Consider taking the family outside and playing a few games with your soapy suds like bubble tag or a bubble pop dance showdown.

Build a Birdhouse

Something is soothing and hopeful about hearing birds sing sweet spring songs. As these feathered friends return to the landscape, they search for a place to nestle. You can offer birds shelter by creating a birdhouse.

Start a Garden

A few helping hands to start a garden is a beautiful way to bond and show little ones the life cycles of plants. You can also introduce children to the side of agriculture by planting fruits and vegetables they’ll cook in the future!

Take a Walk

Taking regular walks with children is a fantastic way to enjoy the springtime ambiance. Admiring nature in bloom while enjoying the breeze is relaxing, and also gets you outside. On the other hand, consider bringing a wagon, stroller, or another form of transportation for those tired toddlers walking long distances.

Have a Springtime Scavenger Hunt

As an amusing kickoff to the refreshing season, a springtime scavenger hunt encourages kids to search for items you would only find around during the time. Create two lists, split your little ones into teams, retrieve your items, and see who’s the winning group.

Celebrating the changing weather is a walk in the park and an excellent excuse to set up any of these springtime fun outdoor activities for kids.

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