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Signs That Your Mental Health May Be Getting Worse

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Nowadays, we are still ashamed to talk about mental illness and inner experiences faced by people who don’t really want to talk about it.

Many of them are afraid of being ostracized, misunderstood or hurt, so they decide to keep their emotions in themselves. However, the more we help those who suffer, the more we help ourselves as well. Mental illness does not occur suddenly, as if from nowhere. In most cases this can be a time-consuming process which offers a number of indicators and signs nobody should ignore so easily.

There are many books about people who are suffering from schizophrenia and their experiences living with poor mental health. In many of them, you can find authors claiming that mental illness can be observed quite early, in the first stages of the disease.


Bellow we are going to present you a few most important signs from these books which should never be ignored – as soon as you notice having ones, you should instantly schedule an appointment with a specialist.

1. Sleep disorders.

We all know that each of us has our own sleep cycle– one need 9 hours or more, another one feels happy slept only for 5 hours. However, if for a long time you are languished for insomnia or feel sleepy all the time, you may want to consult with specialists. Sleep disorders are very exhausting, a person loses energy and cannot live a wholesome life.inspire52com-shutterstock_182842754-571f5d4a33174

2. Changes in dietary habits.

In this case, we do not talk about it when changes are worthy of attention – for example, moving to healthy eating habits. We are speaking the fact, that it should be monitored if your appetite suddenly and entirely disappeared and you are no longer interested in your entire meal, although previously you took a lot of attention to it. Or perhaps you just started to eat a lot, but with inferior and unhealthy food? Watch your body and find the answer, because of the diet, as well as because of the sleep, your health can radically change.

3. Social isolation.

The person does not answer the calls, letters, does not come to appointments and does not even have a serious reason why he doesn’t do all that. It seems that he wants to hide from the entire world, and it is completely not interested what was going on around him because the focus and concentration depend only on what is going on inside. These people usually are pretty easily irritated as well, and they need serious help right away.

4. Lack of hygiene.

It should be important to take notice when the formerly neat person forgets to take care of his or hers appearance: never washes, walks with the same dirty clothes, say, a woman who usually worn make up, now doesn’t even brush teeth, while a man – forgets what it means to shave. This is a dangerous sign that should not be ignored – and these people need some serious help as soon as possible.inspire52com-shutterstock_247291396-571f5d4ae42f95. Lack of motivation.

A man does not feel neither pleasure, nor the desire to engage in something no longer understands why and how to take care of simple everyday routines, such as washing dishes or ironing. He also no longer concerned about career, work, or parenting, what previously were important to a person.

6. No desire to communicate.

When you are talking with a person, and for some reasons he suddenly gets cold, doesn’t want to talk anymore, starts to think about other things or even starts to avoid any eyes contact, it does not always mean that he got angry. Maybe he is going through a difficult period of spiritual crisis? Try not to turn away from such man, and just try to look for common topics you too can share. People who are suffering from mental problems don’t usually open up that quickly, but it is surely advisable and recommended to try and talk with that person. Even a little bit of attention for him can change everything.

7. Increased irritability.

If you notice, that your college or a friend starts to get annoyed by completely minor and unimportant things, and in some cases just irritations can even lead to fury and nervous breakdown. Such irritation occurs unexpectedly and cannot be predicted, so pay attention if it is constantly repeated and if you too feel like this occasionally – definitely spend some time at the professional doctor’s office. Such emotions, especially if they are very negative, might not only harm your mental health but also lead to relationship crises and ruin strong friendships.

8. You or your friend cannot sit still in one place.

If you or a person you know cannot remain quiet, he is constantly moving, doing something, but his movements seem to have a lot of irritability, anxiety, confusion, and repetitive movements – those are the signs that something is not right. People who suffer from mental illnesses don’t really notice such things, so you might not understand that you are doing that as well. However, keep attention how other people react to you and also keep a good eye on people close to you – people who can’t sit still in one place something can be those individuals who are not only active but actually suffering.

Conclusion: These symptoms at first can show off pretty weakly, but you should promptly take a closer look at close person’s or your own health. Even if it is related to stress, and feelings are temporary, mental health care should be taken in the same way as physical, and no symptoms should be ignored. If you would like to learn more about mental health and signs that indicate dangerous chances, get some good use out of these coupons from ChameleonJohn, you can use to shop at various stores (from Amazon to stores which sell health products) and learn more about it right away.

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