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Preparing Your Backyard For Outdoor Entertaining

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The temperatures are heating up across the nation, and everybody is moving outside to celebrate graduations, engagements, and other exciting occasions. Is your outdoor space ready to host multiple gatherings this summer? We’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide to preparing your backyard for outdoor entertaining.

Step #1: Manage Any Messes

Of course, when we invite people over, we typically clean what’s inside our homes. However, some neglect the exterior elements—particularly their landscaping. First, mow your lawn. No exception! While this task seems obvious, many people put it off until company arrives—and unfortunately, people will instantly notice your uncut grass. Cut the grass in your front and back yard.

Additionally, fertilize your grass. Nutrient-packed fertilizers promote healthy-looking lawns, and your family and friends will be impressed by your green grass. Don’t forget to trim overgrown plants and trees, too. By taming the greenery surrounding your home, you can dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal.

Step #2: Fix Up Your Stuff

Now’s an ideal time to tackle any projects you really need to finish before your summer parties. For instance, if your hot tub is inoperable, schedule a professional to come out and service it. Another example—let’s say your guests enjoy sitting out on your deck. Be sure it’s presentable and safe. Believe it or not, you can improperly care for your deck, so be careful with how you attend to its issues. Firepits are also popular this time of year; if yours needs repair, set aside time to get it going!

Step #3: Create A Designated Area For The Grill

What’s summer without outdoor dining? Prioritize setting up your grill in a convenient spot. This way, you can easily and quickly grill up family favorites throughout the season. Remember to start up your grill before your gatherings, as you want to make sure it works properly for the festivities.

If you want to take your grilling area up a notch, consider setting up a complementary station for drinks and tableware. This eliminates the amount of foot traffic between your indoor and outdoor spaces, so your guests will certainly appreciate it.

Step #4: Decorate Divinely

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches. Guest comfort is essential, so add various seating options—think chairs, a loveseat, and perhaps a chaise lounge. Plus, incorporate some flair. For example, you can tie in pops of color with bright, cushy pillows. Twinkling lights elevate how your deck or patio appears, especially at night. Candles and pottery can even transform how your backyard looks!

Step #5: Enjoy

No doubt, preparing your backyard for outdoor entertaining takes time and effort, but your work will absolutely be worth it. People won’t soon forget your hospitality and your incredible outdoor space. After you complete all your prep work, pour yourself a cold beverage. You deserve it!

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