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Packing List For Your Hospital Labor And Delivery

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As your due date approaches, it’s hard to imagine that soon everything you’ve learned in theory will be put into practice. If this is your first baby, it might not even seem real. One tangible way you can prepare yourself is by putting together the bag you’ll be taking to the hospital. You already know what the books recommend, but with this supplementary packing list for your hospital labor and delivery, you’ll truly be well equipped.

Cell Phone Charger

All new moms say this is a must. Bring something extra-long that can reach from the wall outlet to the hospital bed. You may also want to download a few movie rentals to distract you until the action begins.

Healthy Nourishment

You probably won’t be eating during labor, but it’s easy to have something on-hand afterward like a granola bar or trail mix. You’ll be sweating quite a bit, so you can bring your own water bottle for comfort or electrolyte drinks to rejuvenate you.

Cord Blood Kit

If you enrolled in a plan to save your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue, don’t forget to pack the collection kit. You can hand it over to your doctor first thing, who can take care of it from there.

Lip Balm and Lanolin

Real talk: hospital air can be dry, leading to cracked lips. And convincing a new baby to latch on breastfeeding can have a similar effect on your nipples. If you want to keep things simple, you could use the lanolin on your lips, too.

Your Best Bathrobe

Make sure it’s big, fluffy, and makes you feel at home because it’s the only thing you’ll want to wear for a while. Your look will be a nursing top, pajama pants, and robe topper for the foreseeable future.

Favorite Toiletries

In addition to your travel-sized shampoo/conditioner/deodorant/toothpaste, don’t forget a few things for when you’re not ready to get out of bed. You can use face wipes until you can get a proper wash in. Keep a few mints or hard candy nearby until you can brush your teeth. And when visitors want to get a few photos of you with the baby, dry shampoo just might be your best friend.

Homecoming Outfit

You’ve probably picked out the perfect, most adorable first outfit for your baby’s trip home. Well, add another onesie in a larger size to your packing list for your hospital labor and delivery, because newborn sizes are hard to predict. And don’t forget about how you want to look when you get to leave the hospital. Your pregnancy clothes will look sloppy, and your regular clothes will be too small. Pack some stretchy, chic loungewear and the only shoes that fit your swollen feet: flip-flops.

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