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How to Sell Your Pittsburgh House Quickly

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The Pittsburgh real estate market is an interesting place at the moment. With many neighborhoods attracting younger, first-time buyers looking to invest in property, there is plenty of opportunity to make a quick and profitable sale. In order to achieve this goal, however, there are a few factors you should bear in mind.

While you should, of course look, to enlist the help of an experienced Pittsburgh real estate agent to help you with the process of selling your house, consider taking these steps as well in order to sell your Pittsburgh house quickly.

Remove All the Clutter

Most Pittsburgh buyers are interested in open, clean spaces. This means that before you actually list your home, you need to remove all the clutter that you can. Not only will this help your house appear cleaner and tidier, but it can also help make rooms and hallways seem bigger and more open. This means renting a Pittsburgh self storage unit and getting to work.

Start by taking down as many items as you can from the walls. If you have larger walls that appear to be at an advantage with a picture hanging on them, it is ok to leave somewhat generic yet tasteful pictures or paintings up. Just make sure that there are no family photos on the walls or taste-specific pictures. You would be surprised at how such items can make it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living in a certain house.

Next, you should evaluate the furniture that you have throughout your home. You want the property to seem as functional and open as possible, so consider removing any furniture that is big and bulky, or that isn’t serving a distinctly noticeable purpose.

Make a Few Upgrades

While it is never advisable to make major, unnecessary changes to a house just before you sell it, there are a few minor upgrades that you should consider making that can help you sell the property quickly. Since many buyers out there at the moment are in a younger demographic, look to upgrade the fixtures and finishes to give the rooms in your house a more modern and contemporary feel.

Be Ready for the Process to Move Fast

The real estate market in Pittsburgh has been seeing a lot of movement in recent years. Negotiations happen fast and decisions must be made quickly to accommodate this. You will naturally have a number in mind already that you would like to use as your asking price, which is obviously fine so long as it is based on fair market value and other competitors in your area. Be ready for some quick-paced back-and-forth discussions, though, when offers are made.

Since the Pittsburgh market is more or less a seller’s market, you should be in a good position to get the offer you are looking for. Nevertheless, you should already know what your lowest acceptable offer would be, so as to avoid deterring potential buyers with too much hesitation.

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