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How to Protect Your Start-up from Online Threats

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Cybercrime is a growing problem and the biggest threat to modern day businesses. It is an area that all start-ups need to consider, as they will often be targeted by cybercriminals because they are less likely to have strong protection in place compared to a larger organization. This is why every start-up owner needs to know the best ways to protect their business online so that they can battle back against cybercrime and operate their company with confidence. With this in mind, here are a few tips for protecting your start-up from the latest online threats which should help you to succeed.

Learn About Common Threats

First, you should take the time to learn what the most common online threats are, such as phishing. So, what is a phishing attack? This is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive data by posing as a trustworthy source — this is the most common online threat and one which is becoming increasingly sophisticated. When you know what to look out for and you educate your team, it should help you to stay safe.

Antivirus Software & A Firewall

It is essential that you invest in high-quality antivirus software which will provide constant protection against the latest threats. This is an excellent layer of defense against cybercrime, but you must make sure to keep the software updated and run regular scans. Additionally, a firewall is an effective layer of defense which can stop malware from entering your computer system (this also needs to be kept up to date to protect against the latest threats).


Many start-ups allow staff to work remotely, which can be a smart idea, but this can be dangerous if they are using public Wi-Fi. This is why you must make sure that a VPN is used to provide a secure connection so that hackers cannot easily gain access to sensitive company data.

Data Encryption

Data encryption involves translating data into a different form so that only those with access to a decryption key or password are able to read it. This is a smart way to protect any sensitive data and something that all start-ups should be using.

Strong Passwords

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is using easy-to-guess, generic passwords. Instead, you need to create strong passwords and have different ones for different accounts. It is also good practice to change these on a regular basis for complete protection.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Unfortunately, cybercriminals continue to create advanced attacks at a rapid rate which means that even a company with excellent protection remains at risk. Therefore, cybersecurity insurance is an intelligent investment to make — it is better to be safe than sorry because cybercrime has the potential to destroy a start-up without insurance in place.

For start-ups, these are the most effective ways to protect your company from online threats. This needs to be a priority area for all owners because cybercrime is such a large and growing problem which has the potential to devastate a new company.

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