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How to Plan a Birthday Party for a Grandchild

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Being a grandparent is great. You get all the perks of being a role model for your loved ones, but you also get to hand the children back when you’ve had enough. When it comes to a birthday party, grandparents get to go all out. It’s always something of a challenge to organize and plan a birthday party, but if you want to be the grandparent of the year then it might be easier than you think. While keeping the younger generation off their phones long enough to enjoy a party game might be tough, get your planning right and the serious business of running a birthday party for your grandchildren is easier than ever.

Plan for Costs

Make a decision early on just how much you are prepared to spend on the party. Make this your first job and you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to every other decision that you have to make. Sit down with a pen and paper and work out exactly how much you can spend, and the main costs to prioritize.

Get The Grandchildren Involved

The last thing that you should do is let your grandchild make all the decisions about the party (that’s the fastest way to see your budget spiral out of control!). Let them get involved in the planning, but don’t let them get carried away with unrealistic expectations. Get ideas from them, and get their help with manual tasks like writing the invitations.

Consider the Venue

You could have your party in your backyard or local park, but that often means being dependant on the weather. When unexpected rain could ruin your grandchild’s day, it’s always best to give serious thought to the best venue. Look at venues like trampoline and activity parks for the best Birthday Parties in Naperville IL and maximum grandparent points. There has been a huge growth in dedicated party areas for children, and you can easily book days of fun at venues that offer a massive range of activities and entertainment.

Choose a Theme

This is one of those decisions that you should never make on your own unless you have a very in-depth knowledge of the interests of your grandchild. If you pick a spaceman theme and your grandchild is more interested in superheroes then you could potentially ruin the day. Talk about the theme that they want and then buy party bags, decorations, and tableware that matches the theme that you and your grandchild have decided on.

Think about Entertainment

It can be hard to get the younger generations off of their devices, but it’s not impossible. If you have opted for a specific party venue then you’ll be spoiled for choice in terms of entertainment. However, if you’re holding the party in a location that doesn’t have trampolines and games to play you need to provide alternative entertainment. Think party games, films, or a range of craft activities. Consider the age of your grandchild and their friends, and tailor the entertainment to the right age.

On the day itself, you’ll be tempted to run around and making sure that everything is perfect. Don’t panic too much. Remember to enjoy the day that you have planned (and get lots of photographs!). Take your time when planning an event for your grandchildren, and you could end up being the most popular grown-up at the party.

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