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How to Organize Your Makeup Kit

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Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or you’re simply a makeup enthusiast with plenty of supplies, keeping your makeup kit properly organized is of the utmost importance.

For example, working on a film set means that you need to work quickly and efficiently in order to adhere to schedules and deadlines. Scrambling to find various bits and bobs as you go can set you back significantly. However, if your makeup kit is seamlessly structured and you know precisely where everything is, you’ll be one step ahead at all times.

Here are a few simple makeup kit organization tips to put into practice.

Downsize Where You Can

There is no denying that every makeup artist and enthusiast needs a multitude of different beauty products. However, it is indeed possible to downsize wisely without reducing the variety available to you.

For example, a professional makeup artist should consider investing in translucent products whenever possible, as opposed to pigmented options. Translucent makeup supplies can be used on practically every skin tone and skin type. There are a few essential translucent products to invest in, such as:

De-Pot Your Supplies

De-potting makes it possible for you to reduce the bulk that exists in your makeup kit. Essentially, it means removing your makeup (your eyeshadows, blushes, and pressed foundations in particular) from its original packaging and transferring it into an empty palette. This saves space and time because all of the colors that you need will be in one place. The great news is the vast majority of pressed makeup products will come with metal pans. This means they will fit in seamlessly and sturdily when placed into an empty magnetic palette.

Some pressed makeup products are exceptions and come with aluminum pans instead. No worries here. Simply add a magnetic sticker to the base of the pan and voila. Problem solved.

Select the Right Storage Solution

Now that you know how best to organize your makeup kit, you will need to consider where you are going to do it. There are a number of excellent makeup storage solutions, along with general storage and organization must-haves, available at an array of stores dedicated to supplying professionals from within the entertainment industry.

One of those stores is Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. It offers a wide array of high-quality makeup kits and bags, each designed with several compartments to allow for the effortless and practical storage of essentials. The makeup bags come in different sizes to suit your needs, and there are also plenty of bags created to house specific makeup products, such as brushes, for example.

Don’t forget to opt for a transparent makeup kit / bag so that you can see exactly where your various items are at any given time.

An organized makeup kit can make the world of difference to the results that you are able to deliver, and to your career in the long run. So be sure to put these tips to good use!

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