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How to Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

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Milestones birthday are those special ages that deserve a little more attention than a simple cake and card. These are times you should celebrate your life so far and look ahead into the future. A time to reflect on what you have enjoyed, overcome, and achievements you have made since the last milestone birthday.

One thing about milestone birthdays is that they are no different from the usual birthdays. From a practical point of view, milestones birthdays in children are usually celebrated when a person turns 1, 16, 18 and 21. On the other hand, milestone birthdays for adults start at age thirty and only come once every ten years.

A milestone birthday is a perfect excuse to plan the ultimate party. So how will you make your next milestone birthday an unforgettable experience? In this article, we will be discussing how you can celebrate your milestone birthdays. We’ll be giving you some ideas to plan the next birthday celebration of a lifetime. Read further to get the full details.

Take a Funny Approach

As an adult, the 30th birthday is usually a significant milestone. At this age, most people would normally feel more mature. Therefore, if your birthday honoree is a great sports athlete with a sense of humour, it can be humorous to throw them an “over the hill” birthday party.

When planning the “Over the hill” birthday for your honoree, ask the guests to bring things that will tease them about how old they are now.

Some examples of the gifts a guest can bring along include denture cream and reading glasses. Another variation of the “over the hill” party is a mock funeral party. You can ask the guests to come dressed up in mourning clothes.

The guests can develop a eulogy for the birthday honoree while you prepare a funny obituary write-up to share with the guests. Also, play organ music at the party, have lilies and decoration like black balloons. The desert cake should be in form of a tombstone. Ensure the honoree has not experienced any family death.

Pick a Hobby/Interest or Celebrate the Best of Times

In case your honoree would not appreciate an “over the hill” birthday party, but you still want to plan something fun for them, you can plan the party around some of their favourite interests or hobbies. If your honoree is hitting their 65th, you can check out our fantastic 65th birthday gift ideas.

For instance, if you are throwing a party for someone who loves sports, you can make that the theme. Ask the guests to dress in their favourite team jersey or come along with anything that has the team logo. To make it more fun, you can develop a timeline of the team’s key moments that happened throughout the honoree’s life.

Another way to celebrate a milestone birthday is to centre it around the honoree’s life. As part of the decor, you can make use of a pictorial timeline of the honoree’s milestone moments. You can request the guests to contribute a video or picture of the honoree to create the “this is your life” display.

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