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Home Security Installation Tips for Your Home, Wherever You Live

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Home security is important, wherever you live. And while rural-area homes, suburban neighborhoods and city apartments differ widely, they all have one thing in common: all can become targets in an instant. Security camera systems can provide an added layer of protection while giving you around-the-clock access to your home, no matter your location. And when it comes to installation, placement is key. Use these expert tips to secure your home.

Camera Placement for Rural Area Properties

While living in the country has its appeal, rural states experience more burglaries than those with big cities. Homeowners living in rural areas may think that their dogs and fences are enough to keep thieves out, but unfortunately, the data proves otherwise. Areas around rural properties including the driveway, front entry of the home and the garage should be properly covered with security cameras. When placing the cameras, keep them out of the elements and out of reach. Doing so might just be the difference maker in whether your home and property becomes a target or not.

Camera Placement for City Apartments

Many apartment complexes take measures to provide security to their residents. This ranges from fencing and locking gates to entry codes and private security personnel. However, apartment renters who feel like they need to take their security into their own hands often turn to security camera systems. Installing a security camera system in an apartment can pose some challenges and it’s best to consult with your landlord before setting up. When installing, keep your neighbors’ privacy in-mind, avoid placing your cameras in shared spaces or directing the camera at a neighbor’s door. Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras are a great option for apartment renters and can easily be placed at the door or right inside of the apartment entryway. Offering 1080p full HD, night vision, two-way talk and motion detection, Wi-Fi-equipped security cameras can be used indoors out outdoors. Plus, these teched-out security systems are wireless, meaning there’s no need to drill holes for installation.

Camera Placement Suburban Neighborhood Homes

A well-kept landscape, locked windows and outdoor lighting are all crime deterrents; however, data continues to show that criminals are bold. Some burglars are even brash enough to enter through the front door. In fact, data reported by Nationwide shows that about 30 percent of burglars were able to gain entry into homes without force — through an unlocked door or window — in what’s considered unlawful entry.

Homeowners can add another layer of protection to their homes with a security camera system as a means to keep criminals out, or capture valuable evidence if there is a break-in. The front door and ground-level windows should be the first places you install cameras. Additionally, windows that are not street facing are prone to be targeted. Exterior cameras above these windows and out of reach of would-be criminals as well as interior cameras that face these windows are essential.

Criminals don’t care where you live — no home is off limits. Taking action to protect your family and home is critical. Don’t become a target. Use these tips to secure your home and install a security camera system for peace of mind and 24/7 access to your home.

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