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Gaming: How To Turn a Hobby Into a Career

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Many people play video games, but few turn that hobby into a career. That doesn’t mean people don’t desire to start a career in the industry, but they might not know where to start. Thankfully, there are quite a few different, interesting avenues to take regarding professional gaming. How to turn a hobby into a career is something anyone should know how to accomplish. It comes down to personal motivation, but this guide can help you start your journey today.


If you enjoy competitive gaming, consider pursuing an eSports career. Of course, not every video game applies to an eSports career, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a pro at some of the most popular options. Popular eSports games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six Siege. An eSports career can be both fun and profitable if you land a spot on a good team, but you must hone your skills. Putting in the time and practice to refine your skills at a given eSports game will help you achieve professional status.


If eSports isn’t your thing, don’t worry; simply streaming your favorite games can prove easy, fun, and profitable. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are common places to stream video games and grow your audience. It might take some time, but the more time and effort you put into your streams, the better you’ll get at engaging viewers. If you have a passion for playing, streaming video games is the perfect way to get into professional gaming. How to turn a hobby into a career is something many folks try to accomplish, and it doesn’t get easier than booting up your computer and starting a stream.

That said, if you want this hobby to become a career, use professional streaming techniques instead of relying on simple, novice methods. It’s okay to start with low-quality, minimal equipment, but as you learn the ropes and try to grow in the industry, make an effort to buy professional steaming gear to truly become a pro.


If you’re passionate about discussing gaming news and opinions, there’s a chance you can turn that into a career instead of playing. If you have no experience, gaming outlets likely won’t hire you on the spot. Thankfully, you can build up experience and an audience on your own. You can start a blog and begin writing reviews, news coverage, and other gaming-related content. On the other hand, you can head to YouTube and create reviews and news coverage in the form of videos. Either way, both avenues give you a chance to build a brand, attract sponsors, and learn the ropes of video game reporting.

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