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Fun Accessories To Add More Personality to Your Wardrobe

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Style is about more than just keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It’s also about finding looks that let your unique personality shine through. When it’s time to enhance your wardrobe with something new, make sure you prioritize pieces that look great and reflect who you are and how you want others to see you.

One of the best ways to do this is with accessories that add an extra pop of color, a fun design, or other visual interest to your outfit. Liven up your look with these fun accessories that add more personality to your wardrobe.

Add Character With a Fun Tie

Ties aren’t just for formal occasions—although you certainly can’t go wrong with adding one to your dressy outfits. For more casual or celebratory affairs, though, consider stepping off the beaten path with fun and unique tie designs. A colorful bow tie adds immense charm and character to a collared shirt. You can also look for necktie designs that speak to your personality and tastes. For example, learning the trends behind the different types of floral ties can help you choose one that matches your unique sense of style.

Stay Chic With Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses create a classy look wherever you go. Pair them with more casual wear to create a chic and trendy outfit. Alternatively, don a pair of sunglasses with a dressier outfit for a sophisticated, timeless look. Best of all, the countless different style options allow you to choose a pair that speaks to your preferences, making sunglasses one of the easiest accessories to bring more personality to your wardrobe.

Create Contrast With a Belt

Whether your belt is functional or just serves to enhance the outfit, it’s a great way to break up your look and create visual interest. A thick belt helps draw the eye and break up solid, monochrome looks like dresses or jumpsuits. You can also branch away from traditional black or brown belts and choose something more vibrant to add a pop of color to your outfit. Alternatively, if you want to stick to something more neutral, use a silver or glossy black belt to create a sleek but formal look.

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