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5 Fun Items You Can Create With a 3D Printer

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3D printers look intimidating, but they are fascinating devices that come with many creative advantages. With this technology, you can tackle exciting projects with great consistency and attention to detail. If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of these high-tech gadgets, here are five fun items you can create with a 3D printer.

Bowls and Cups

Using a 3D printer, you can construct functional items that you’ll get plenty of use out of, like cups and bowls. You can personalize your dishware with intricate designs to make each piece unique. Remember to be mindful about printing materials and make sure to use nontoxic filaments.


Whistles are an excellent 3D printing project because of their simplicity. You can make them in less than an hour, and they even have practical uses. A whistle can act as a valuable piece of safety equipment or camping gear and even has a place in athletics. They may not be as complex as other objects printed using the 3D printer, but whistles are still at the top of the list for their fun factor and functionality.


Another fun item you can create with a 3D printer is a planter. There’s no need to purchase a typical pot for your plants now that you can make one of your own! You can implement modern designs that will guarantee a unique pot in no time.

Photo Frames

Who can say no to photo frames? If you want something to keep your memorable photos intact, frames are another object that a 3D printer completes with ease. Printing can also give you the freedom to choose the design or style of the photo frames. As long as you have enough filament, you can let your creativity shine.


Every beautiful flower arrangement needs a vase to match. 3D printers allow you to make vases with vibrant colors and patterns. You can go bold with fancy shapes and prints or keep it simple with a humble design. Before buying a 3D printer, make sure you are knowledgeable about your project scale and the device’s capabilities so you can create a personalized vase according to your preferences.

When it comes to 3D printing, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re exploring a new hobby or are interested in these machines for commercial use, 3D printers are valuable devices that take art and creativity to a new level.

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