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Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

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Whether you’re just starting out as a vaper of you’ve been hitting your atomiser for some years now, there’s always more to learn about this fascinating new past-time. In the decade or so since electronic cigarettes really came into their own, there’s been a great deal of research, development, and innovation in the industry. This has seen whole new forms of vaping come to light to delight the vaping community. This article explains how each works, and the most recent developments in each of the technical areas that constitutes the vaping industry’s output.

From All-in-One to Tailor-Made

The first e cigs on the market were all-in-ones. They’re still around today, albeit in a far more sophisticated and efficient form, but for the most part, the meteoric development in the e cig device industry has been towards user satisfaction.

That’s been achieved by separating out the components of an electronic cigarette, so that users can mix and match the kind of features that they want from their vaping experience. While all-in-ones continue to have their day, most pro vapers will argue that the versatility of the tailor-made ones is far more satisfying. So, what can you tinker with to improve your vaping experience?


First up are the batteries that provide power to the device. The power from the battery heats the coil inside the atomiser, which in turn makes vapor out of the e-liquid you have in your device’s tank.

In this process, it pays to have the right kind of battery for your device – one that produces a strong, consistent and long-lasting source of power to really get the most out of your juice. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can think aesthetically about how you want your e-cig to look, too.


Atomisers screw on to the top of your battery and receive its power. On your atomiser you’re likely to have an air flow regulator, which will determine how long or short your draw is into your mouth and lungs. Tinkering with this is the first thing a beginner vaper should experiment with.

For more experienced vapers, or those looking to assume more control over their vaping experience, the RDA or RTA atomisers/tanks are the best way to go. These both rebuildable – which means that you’ll be able to really determine the longevity and style of vape that you can enjoy from your device.


There is, of course, one more component of vaping, and that’s the juice that you put into the tank of your atomiser. Tanks usually hold around a day’s worth of juice, depending on the regularity with which you hit the vape.

Check out the juice on NJOY to appreciate the sheer range of liquids out there in the present moment. It’s important to note that some come with higher or lower concentrations of nicotine – and some come with zero nicotine altogether. When it comes to selecting your e-juice, think about the intensity that you’re looking for, and read reviews before making your purchase. Finally, always buy from a trusted and professional provider.

There you have it – an introduction to how the wonderful world of vaping works.

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