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Essential Types of Flowers To Keep in Your Home

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Flowers in a vase make for some of the best decorating materials to inspire you each day. They smell great, look even better, and motivate you to keep growing just like they did. However, you might be wondering which flowers to use to decorate your home. With that in mind, here are a few essential types of flowers to keep in your home.


Lilies are exotic, eye-catching flowers for people who want to make their homes stand out. They have bright, vivacious leaves that give them a dramatic presence in any room. All you need are a few stems, but make sure you remove the stamens from the lilies to reduce the presence of pollen in your home. If you’re going to cut lilies from your home garden, leave at least one-third of the stem in the ground so that they can regrow next year.


Tulips are another colorful flower to add to your vase, but make sure to replace them out after seven days, since they’ll start to wilt at that point. However, one way you can make them last longer is to cut the stems under the water. This prevents air from entering the stem, which ages the flower faster.

Tulips are some of the most versatile flower types because they come in so many different colors, including red, white, orange, purple, and yellow. These flowers are thirsty, though, so keep tabs on how much water you put in your vase so that it’s always topped off.


Roses are some of the most well-known flower types, and for good reason. Their iconic red hue makes them the perfect gifts for a romantic evening, but make sure you wrap them in paper—those thorns hurt!

Growing roses is a little difficult if you haven’t developed a green thumb yet, but with a little persistence, you should be able to watch them bloom. You could also simply buy them from a professional florist, but if you’re feeling ambitious and you have enough space for them in your garden, why not take on the challenge?

Overall, decorating your home with flowers is one surefire way to boost your well-being. Now that you know some of the essential types of flowers to keep in your home, it’s time to start decorating!

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