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Essential Tips For Planning The Perfect Self-Care Day

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Sometimes, all you need is a good self-care day. Whether it’s a full day or just a few hours, caring for our bodies, minds, and souls is crucial for our well-being.

Self-care carries a different meaning for different people. Some people refill their souls by taking a drive through the countryside and listening to music. Others replenish themselves with a customized skin peel. Still others care for themselves by carving out time to paint, write, or throw clay.

If you know you need tending to but aren’t sure where to start or how to find the time, you’ve come to the right place. Find inspiration in these essential tips for planning the perfect self-care day.

Tip 1: Put It In The Books

Perhaps the best place to start when planning a self-care day is by putting it on the calendar. Take a good look at your schedule to determine which days are free and which days have at least a two-hour block. Claim that free day or block of time for yourself, and protect it. Self-care is important enough to schedule around.

Tip 2: Plan Your Itinerary

Whether you are staying home or embarking on a day-long self-care extravaganza, the last thing you want to do is freeze under the pressure of what to do next. Take a deep breath, and plan out your day. Will you spend the first hour sipping coffee in the garden and the second hour in the bathtub? Will you take the expressway to the beach, spend three hours on the shore, eat a good meal, and drive home on the scenic route?

Or you may not want to plan or think at all. You may want to spend your time lounging about and doing whatever activity pops into your head. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you spend your self-care day.

Tip 3: Tell People No

Telling people that you won’t be available ahead of time is an essential tip for planning the perfect self-care day. When you’re in the spa or out on the town, you don’t want any interruptions—especially if the interruption is a stressful one. Tell your circle that you’re taking the day (or even a few hours) off the radar. Request that they do not call, text, or email unless it’s a true emergency.

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