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At First I Thought This Guy Was Taking Photos Of Himself And Calling It Art. When I Saw What It Really Was…Mind Blown.

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When I was initially introduced to Spanish artist Eloy Morales’ “art work” I thought it was a collection of selfies taken by a guy with paint all over his face. It seemed like modern art meeting Picasso half way, and I’ll admit it, I wasn’t moved or blown away.eloypainting1

After exploring Eloy’s website, I discovered that he was not a photographer at all. In fact, he’s a painter…and each one of these photos of himself with variations of color (or absence of) on his face is a painting…not a picture.eloypainting2

What Eloy does is combine traditional portraiture with an incredible skill and expertise in hyper-realistic paintings. These paintings of Eloy himself are part of a series called “A Partir de la Cabeza”. Translated into English it simply means “About Head”. eloypainting3

In the video below Eloy says, “Many people think my work is based on details, but it is not that way for me…I believe that tonal transition must be smooth.”eloypainting4

You’ll keep trying to figure out what image manipulation tools he used in order to get these images to look so positively real, but there’s photo and video evidence. So, believe your eyes. eloypainting5

The image below shows Eloy hand-painting the last portrait shown here. Watch the video to continue to be awestruck at his incredible talent. eloypainting6

Eloy Morales from Didi Menendez on Vimeo.

To delve into more of Eloy’s work visit his website here. Share this with your friends and open their eyes to a whole new world of artistry, and Eloy’s unique gift.

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