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Communication Tips for Long-Distance Military Relationships

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No matter how far a deployment takes your loved one, there are many ways to stay connected and communicate regularly with them. It’s important to prioritize communication in a long-distance relationship, especially when your loved one could be gone on military training for months or even years. When military obligations call your significant other away, use these communication tips for long-distance relationships to stay in touch.

Create a Schedule

Before your significant other’s deployment, plan and outline some communication ideas. Your significant other will likely have to travel for their training or deployment, so you’ll need to consider time zones. When dealing with long distances and time zones, it helps to create a schedule and identify times when you will be awake and available to chat. Of course, you may not always know all the details about communications in advance, so plan for the unknown and complications.

Utilize Technology

Modern technology applications such as phone and video calls are lifesavers in making long-distance relationships work. Find a service and app that works best for both of you and will be available over a Wi-Fi connection. There are times when Wi-Fi will be spotty or unavailable on both ends, so plan around these outages by preparing traditional communication means like letters. Make sure to keep track of all contact information you’ll need from your significant other, such as their temporary addresses or phone numbers.

Practice Transparency

If a long-distance relationship is new to you, you may go through some rough patches emotionally at first. A long-distance relationship can take some time to get used to. It’s important to communicate how you’re feeling to your partner to practice transparency. Effective communication is important on both sides. Don’t forget to look forward to the future and to see each other again—staying positive in long-distance relationships helps take some stress off both sides and eases tension. You’ll also feel less anxiety when it comes time to reunite.

When starting a long-distance relationship, it’s important to plan to maintain effective communication practices. Utilizing these communication tips for long-distance military relationships can help close the distance and ensure that you and your loved one stay connected even when you’re apart.

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