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Kid Writes The Most Hilarious Letter I’ve Ever Seen To His Mom From Summer Camp. This Has Everyone Going Crazy!

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When Liesl Testwuide sent her eight-year-old son to camp for the first time, she started to miss her son so much that she began writing to him everyday. Liesl says that she longed for a return letter so much, she envisioned it going something like this:

“Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for letting me go to camp. I have learned so many cool things, like how to take a fish off the hook, tie sailing knots, and how to groom a horse. Thanks for packing sun screen. I’ve been out on the lake a lot, so it’s really come in handy. You think of everything! I’ve been drinking tons of water since it’s so hot. See? I do listen to all your good advice…

I love you,



P.S. Tell my brothers I miss them!”

In a scene from a movie, Liesl received a correspondence from her hilarious son, and here’s what it said:

letter from kid at camp (ScaryMommy)

“Dear Mom

Good you packt extra underwear since I had diyareeya. It got on my shoes but not my pillow. I’m having fun at camp and learning stuff. I rock at winserfing and kyaking. I’ve ate more push-pops then anyone. I’ve ate 23 since Monday. Still two days left…

letter from kid at camp (ScaryMommy)

37 is the rekerd and I can beat it. Sweet! I went horseback riding and the horse in front of me took 3 huge dumps. Smoke came off the poop. It was awesome. I used my toothbrush to dig for werms. Don’t freek out. The guy in the bottem bunk lets me use his. Its safe. I don’t know his name but he can burp the alphabit like me. A kid named Zack can burp the alphabit backwords. I’m practising that. We put oatmeel in the counsillor’s baseball hat. It was pretty funny. 

letter from kid at camp (ScaryMommy)

Oatmeel is bad Mom. Even with razins. I shot a riffel. I’m a good aimer. Can we get one when I get home. Did you know you can light farts on fire? I’ll show you on Satterday.


W xoxo

PS your spaketti is way better

PSS Tell my brothers to have lots of farts for Satterday.”

Liesl is the publisher of the website Hairpin Turns Ahead. Follow Liesl on FacebookPinterest,and Twitter.

Source: Scary Mommy H/T MSN

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