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Best Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Friends

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There’s something fun and heartwarming about ringing in the new year with those who mean the most to you. However, as different times call for various measures, you might find yourself having to adapt to newer traditions this year.

If you’re missing family this season and aren’t up for spending such a special occasion alone, here are some of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends to lift your spirits.

Create a Scrapbook of Your Best Moments

This year had twists and turns that had everyone on their toes! Gather your closest pals and celebrate the wins with snapshots. You might have to curate the photographs from each other’s social media, but these snippets will serve to commemorate moments in your friends’ history.

Commemorate This Moment With a Time Capsule

Another approach to freezing a moment in time is to create a time capsule. You can dig up these meaningful mementos later in life to reminisce on past adventures and acknowledge progress and growth.

Watch a Movie

Of course, you all can sit down and binge on many movies from streaming services, or you can check your local listings to see what selections are playing through midnight. You might not witness a ball drop, but you’ll still be in fantastic company.

Host a “Friends Only” Party

If you still want to live it up, consider hosting a “friends only” party. This stipulation ensures that your best buds attend and offers a way to limit guest attendance. You and your guests can curate a playlist of your favorite tunes to listen to while dancing the night away. Pool dance floor covers make a great addition to any party! However, remember to take breaks and hydrate before dancing some more!

Host a “Feast of the Year”

Who can say “no” to extraordinary times with fantastic people? Consider hosting a feast with your closest friends that incorporates a potluck theme. You can ask all those attending to bring a favorite dish or a side that pays tribute to the latest food trends of the year.

Plan a Night on the Town

If staying in is not part of the conversation, you and your friends can always stroll around town and see what places are hosting New Year’s Eve occasions. You’ll want to note that businesses may be busy, so planning ahead could serve you well.

Although you’re living in a different time, ringing in the new year on your own doesn’t have to be a new tradition. You can celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends using some of these ways to have a fulfilling time with a few of your partners-in-crime.

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