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8 Easy Things Positive People Do To Stay Positive. The Last One May Surprise You…

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1. Positive People Get Up and CREATE A Good Day, They Don’t Wait For One To Appear.

They take action in the construction of their daily lives. They work to make changes in the world to feel better in difficult times instead of waiting for the unique combination of stars in the sky.

1 Create Your Day Pooh

2. Positive People Put the Past in the Past…Where it Belongs!

Good and bad memories should stay right where they belong – in the past. Positive people do not spend their time longing for the good old days, because they are too busy working on their current and future days.


3. Positive People Take Gratitude By The Horns.

Positive people see life as a treasure chest full of wonders. They thank their own life for every step, every day, every new event, impression, or feeling. The obstacles along the way don’t come into focus as much as their sheer joy and appreciation for what they have.

3 Gratitude Peanuts

4. Positive People Focus On Their Capacities, Not Limitations.

They are actively looking for opportunities and solutions, and spend little time dwelling on why things may seem impossible.


5. Positive People Do Not Allow Their Fears To Influence Their Life.

The one who is guided by his fears and prejudices never can live a full, open and happy life. The fear of the unknown is often the feeling pursued by positive people…being in search of new adventure!

5 Have No Fear

6. Positive People Smile…A LOT!

This is the most visible feature of positive people. Not only are they usually in a good mood, but have a mysterious ability to pass it on to others. Optimism, easy attitude, good sense of humor and irony – all of these qualities are embedded in positive people.

6 Smile


7. Positive People Take Full Responsibility For Their Own Lives.

They hold too much respect for themselves to cultivate a “victim complex”. They do not blame their problems on other people or cosmic forces, but rather accept accountability and rely only on themselves.

8 Take Responsibility


8. Positive People, Like All of Us, Suffer Pain & Misery.

Just because they often appear happy, positive people experience suffering and despair (like all of us). They tend to have a deep understanding of their negative emotions, but consciously choose the positive way of thinking.

7 Pain Suffer



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