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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

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Most people choose their dentist based on a single factor: how close it is to their home. Going to the dentist is rarely anyone’s favorite activity, which is why they always try to make it as convenient as possible. The problem with that method is that the best dentist for you might not be the one who happened to open their dental surgery near where you live. If you want to ensure that your mouth is always getting the best care and attention, then here are some great tips that will help you choose whether or not you’re choosing the perfect dentist for you.

Know your Dental Coverage

Depending on the kind of healthcare coverage you have, you might be limited in terms of the dentist that you can register with. For example, most dental HMOs will restrict your dental options to those surgeries that are part of the HMO network. PPO plans are slightly different, as are others. Always make sure that you know exactly what restrictions you are under with your healthcare coverage. You should take the time to check their prices, and whether they have payment options that you can use. You could be using the best dentists in the world, but if they charge too much, then you won’t be able to visit as often.

Get Recommendations

You have lots of options when it comes to getting recommendations for a dental surgery. Your friends and family will usually be your first stop, but don’t forget to ask your work colleagues as well. They may have the perfect dental surgery, but if you don’t ask you might never know about it. You could go to social media and to search engines as well and do some initial checks of reviews. Most dentists will have a review section on their website, and these are worth looking through. Look for a variety of reviews, such as this page that lays out what patients say about top-rated Beverly Hills dentist. Reviews and word of mouth are ideal ways to narrow down your options when looking for a new dentist.

Consider Location

When most people don’t think much further than distance, it’s worth factoring into your considerations. However, it might not always be better to have a dentist close to home. In many cases, it might be a lot more convenient to find a dental surgery that’s equally distant between your home and your workplace. You’ll be very happy if your dentist is closer in the event of a tooth disaster at work! It’s also worth checking opening times. If you tend to prefer to make your dental appointments for a Saturday morning, then you’ll just get frustrated if you register with a new dentist only to find that they take weekends off.

The Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Dentist

Not all dentists are the same, so you need to do some basic checks before you register with a new surgery. As well as doing the above checks, you should also make sure that you’re not making some of the more frequent errors that people make when they are looking for a new dentist.

Tooth Specialist

If you pick a dental surgery where the dentist only carries out specialist procedures, then you’re not going to get the treatment that you need. Specialists won’t tend to do basic cleaning or fillings, so if you register with this kind of dentist then you’re probably not going ever to need them, and your teeth will not get the professional attention that they need. Always double-check which kinds of procedures are carried out in-house, because if you choose a dental surgery that will always be referring you elsewhere for basic procedures, then your costs are going to rise.

Settling for a Bad Dentist

There will always be people in the healthcare industry who are only in it to make a quick buck, and it’s remarkable how quickly we can get used to bad service. The dental profession is just as vulnerable to unprofessional business owners as other industries, and who see dentistry as a good money-maker while caring little about the experience of their patients. Watch for signs that you are registering with a bad dentist, including:

  • Untidy offices: Before you sign any papers, always have at least one visit to the physical premises of the dentist you want to register with. If the premises are dirty, unkempt, or even dusty, then that’s not a good sign. Remember to check the condition of the bathrooms as well, and if it’s not shining clean, then walk away.
  • Rude staff: Reception staff are a reflection of their employer, and if you encounter belligerent, rude, unhelpful, or dismissive members of the dental team, then that’s never a good sign. People can get very emotional before and after a visit to the dentist, and rude staff are only going to make matters worse.
  • Overselling: If you’re having a first or second visit to your new dentist and they suddenly announce that you have a lot of work that needs doing, be wary. Unprofessional dentists can start recommending multiple procedures that aren’t actually necessary. If you doubt that you need the work that’s been recommended, ask for a copy of your medical records and get a second opinion. A professional dentist will have no problems with this.

Dealing with Fear

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be traumatic. If you have a fear of the dentist’s chair, talk to those dentists that have options available for people with a phobia or a severe reaction to a visit to the dentist. Avoid those dental surgeries that advertise that they are good with ‘wimps’. Professional dentists will have natural options to choose from that will calm the nervousness of the most worried patients and should have the option of gas for serious cases.

Choosing the right dentist does not have to mean a lot of work. Check reviews visit the premises, and get advice from friends, family, and those you work with. Take your time to choose the right dentist, and you might even find that you don’t mind making your appointments and that your teeth are looking healthier than ever.

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