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5 Best On-line Stores to Buy Gifts for Military Folks

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Your dear ones and friends who are serving in Military or Veterans who have served our nation need a cheer for their sacrifices. If you are a military family with some one in the military or have veterans in your family then you often have events and seasons in life where you are looking for some cools gifts for them.

Here are some of the best online sites for you to consider when buying gifts or daily use items for your dear one. Some of these stores sell pure patriotic products without any military branch logo/insignia. While there are others who sell products for various branches on military with the military logo/insignia.

You should be aware that all the branches of U.S. Military require a license for any companies who want to use military logo on their products. And the company has to get the designs approved by the respective military branch. So any product design with the U.S. Marines Eagle, Globe & Anchor logo needs to be approved by the USMC licensing authority.

So this is something you should be looking for when buying products on-line. If it is not clearly stated, you can contact them and check on licensing.

Here are the top 5 online military stores based on variety, product quality, and customer service:

Nine Line Apparel

This store primarily sells patriotic T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Jackets and more. They have some really nice designs and you will always find some very interesting products in the store that you could not resist buying.

They have some nice T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, headwear and glassware for you to checkout. Whether you are looking for items for youth, men or women you will find something interesting. The products are high quality and your dear ones will surely love it.

You also choose from accessories like wood signs, posters, car accessories, patches, bags and more. Or looking for coffee to match tastes of the military/veteran they have collection of coffee too. The have their own line of Nine line grinds from the Black Riffle Coffee company.

Military Republic

MilitaryRepublic.com is an online store that sells military themed products and they have a very wide collection of products. They only sell products licensed by the respective branches of the military like Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard for products that use the military logo or need licensing. You can also find some cool products for the First Responders – Firefighter, Police & EMT. They also have their own patriotic designs which offers a good selection to buy from.

We also love their collection dedicated to US Veterans they have some unique t-shirts, hoodies, caps and many more items to choose from. This site also has a collection of 9/11 Memorial items like T-shirts, Hoodies and more.

What is also cool about this site is that they have a cool collection of women’s jewelry for Military branches and First responders which is hard to find anywhere else.


Looking for some unique or personalized gift items? Etsy also has a great collection of hand made and manufactured gift items. This site is primarily focused on selling hand made items or small scale items.

Surprise your dear one with something that they love, and specially made with them in mind. Checkout this custom military plaque, you can include the recipients name, title, dates of service along with choice of images and military branch logos.

Bradford Exchange

If you wish to gift some high end jewelry and other unique items, The Bradford Exchange is another online site with great reputation for you to checkout. They have some nice gold and silver jewelry with diamond stones on them. Planning to give a bigger gift that could be timeless, then checkout their jewelry items here.

You can also find many awesome personalized gifts, apparel, watches, music boxes, coins and many more items. Looking for some Home Decor, they have a collection for that.

Gift Baskets.com

Looking for some gourmet gifts, this is the site to checkout. They have some nice Military Care Packages for you to choose from. Agreed technology has advanced – you can Facetime, Skype and more, but still receiving letters and personalized gifts still means a lot when your dear one is far away or is not doing well. Along with your reassuring words and well wishes, you can send a little piece of the place they miss most: home. These military care packages other gift baskets are perfect for soldiers who are deployed because they’re stocked with all the treats and snacks that they can’t get anywhere else. You can also add a personal note in each package.

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