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3 Top Tips for Building your Brand

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Building a strong and recognizable brand is a dream for many companies, yet so many can’t achieve it. This is because good branding isn’t an easy task: you must get so many factors right, from your brand name to the logo and message. For some company owners, the thought of this can be scary – surely, it’s down to pure luck whether your brand explodes in the market? 

Even though it plays a part, luck isn’t everything. There are lots of different factors you can focus on to build your brand and gain consistency – and it’s easier than ever before. Whether you’re an experienced company or just starting out, here are three top tips for you to put into action that will help you to build a better brand.

1.Make sure you have a good email signature

Emails are important in the working world, as most people send hundreds of them every month. However, you likely haven’t thought about the power your email signature holds. Email signatures don’t just exist for you to sign your name off after typing a long email – they are here to help with your branding. Think of your email signature like a canvas: you can choose to leave it empty with just your name and company, or you can optimize it by adding relevant, engaging content that gets people to notice and look – the same way they do at a painting. You need a company wide email signature to experience the maximum benefit of this.

Remember, email signatures should:

  • Look professional
  • Gain attention
  • Provide relevant information about your brand

By having an effective email signature that does this and doesn’t overwhelm the reader with information, you are on the road to building a stronger brand.

2.Use social media platforms

Social media is here to stay. In the early days, many people doubted social media would become a marketing powerhouse, but it has since proved the doubters wrong. Now, social media has become one of the most successful methods for digital marketing, with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter providing companies the opportunity to have simple and easy communication with their consumers, building their brand in the process.

You probably use social media in your personal life, but now you need to use it for your branding as well. To do this successfully, you must:

  • Use as many platforms as possible: Don’t just limit yourself to one (like Facebook)
  • Regularly post content: People want consistency!
  • Answer all the questions you get, from comments to direct messages: It doesn’t matter if they are good or extremely negative. You need to make sure to answer your audience’s questions and remain professional.
  • Make use of the latest trends: By linking your brand to what’s popular right now, you will get noticed.
  • Raise engagement through a variety of posts: From thought-provoking to humorous, make sure they are interesting.
  • Get your call-to-action right: But don’t oversaturate consumers with links to your store and products; your timing needs to be organic.
  • Be creative and visual: Photos and videos are going to grab people’s attention, not long blocks of text!

If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, you could also hire a social mediainfluencer. The influencer market is on fire right now, from global to micro-influencers. Influencers can market your brand to their existing, loyal fanbase through social media, providing you excellent exposure.

3.Have values and principles

The chances are, you have a favorite brand. This brand probably believes in key values and principles – much like people do. These are used by brands to create a stronger connection with the audience, showing that you don’t only care about money. Your values and principles could be anything, but it’s important that you choose ones you truly believe in. By standing for something you believe in, you will build a positive reputation as people begin to associate your brand with those beliefs.

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