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change the world

How to Change the World | Starting From Within

To change the world you have to first look within yourself, once you do that, you can find how you can do so. Change...

In A Mere 46 Seconds, Steve Jobs Shares A Secret About Life That Will Change How You View Yours

Steve Jobs founded and made Apple one of the world's greatest brands and products. Even though his vision may seem impossible to recreate, he...

How Can One Person Make The World A Better Place? This Secret Santa Shows Us.

The saying tells us that "money can't buy happiness", and that's absolutely true. What money can do for those in need is give them...

In Less Than 90 Seconds A Woman And A Homeless Man Prove That Your Words Can Change The World

Next time you think your voice or opinion doesn’t matter, remember this video. It’s a beautiful reminder that our words can, in fact, change...

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